Always Ultra Day & Night 10pcs Pads Wit Wings - Size 3

  •  ALWAYS Ultra Day & Night (Size 3) sanitary towels with wings use the latest technology to create a multifunctional pad with 3 protection features.
  • The InstantDry system absorbs liquid in seconds and keeps wetness away from your skin.
  • LeakGuard technology locks liquid and helps to prevent leaks.
  • 3x Protection – Instantdry, Leakguard, Odourlock.
  • OdourLock technology neutralises odours.
  • Super absorbent core with InstantDry system that absorbs liquid in seconds.
  • Sanitary towel dermatologically tested to be gentle on your skin.
  • Wings help keep your sanitary towel in place for comfortable protection.
  • Made In E.U.
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