Clear Men Cool Sport Menthol Shampoo 450ml

  • This is the ultimate anti-dandruff shampoo made specially for men.
  • Clear Cool Sport Menthol comes with Icy Menthol Blast, provides intense cooling power, for freshness that lasts all day.
  • Pro Nutrium 10 nourishes the scalp three layers deep, targets dandruff at source.
  • Boosts scalp health to increase natural resistance against dandruff and scalp problems.
  • No visible flakes with regular use.
  • Helps restore the function of scalp skin barrier.
  • Based on clinical tests, compared with non anti-dandruff shampoo.
  • Protect 99.9% from bacteria.
  • Provides intense cooling for freshness that lasts long & relieves your scalp from itching.
  • Endorsed by International academy of cosmetic dermatology.


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