Enjoy Organic Dark Chocolate Bar 70g - Mint Filled

  • Expire Date: 27-07-2023.
  • One of best-sellers, Enjoy.
  • Vegan mint chocolate bar magically delivers an invigorating minty taste.
  • Mint dark chocolate contains 70% cacao solids and is dairy-free.
  • Gluten-free and soya-free.
  • In fact, it is made from just four natural Organic ingredients.
  • Good quality chocolate isn’t just about taste, and magical Mint bar appeals to all the senses with its dark glossy appearance.
  • Mouth-watering minty aroma, satisfying “snap” when broken and meltingly smooth texture on the tongue.
  • Dark chocolate contains: cocoa solids 70% minimum.
  • Made In U.K.
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