La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5+ Soothing Balm 40ml

  • La Roche-Posay are experts in the skin microbiome and the science behind sensitive skin.
  • Cicaplast contains the optimal skin recovery agent, madecassoside and the unique probiotic tribioma to rebalance your skin's microbiome.
  • Keeping your skin's microbiome healthy and maintained aids skin recovery and protects your epidermis from further damage, especially when in a sensitive state.
  • The addition of B5 keeps the skin soft and strengthens a weakened skin barrier.
  • Cicaplast Balm's lightweight texture will soothe and comfort any irritations with an innovative anti-itch formula.
  • You can use it practically anywhere.
  • It will heal chapped lips, stop scratching and soothe any uncomfortable itchiness and tightness associated with dry skin - plus, it works for baby's skin; think nappy rashes, bumps and more!
  • Even if you haven't got dry skin, this multipurpose moisturiser is the perfect aftercare cream for tattoos, peels and laser treatment.
  • Cicaplast+ is also suitable for patients undergoing cancer treatment.
  • Its unique formula speeds up your skin's repairing process from day one while reducing the causes of long-term scarring.
  • Made In France.
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