Portable Bathroom Powerful Suction Cup Shower Head Holder (301109)

  • This product is made of ABS material. 
  • It has strong bearing capacity, not easy to damage, and durable.
  • It is the first choice for the bathroom shower bracket.
  • With vacuum suction, it can bear the weight and pressure of the entire flow of water, and it will never fall or fall very easily. It is very firm.
  • It can be easily rotated to the position or angle you need, making the shower more comfortable.
  • The powerful suction and vacuum design allows the suction cup to stick to the surface you want.
  •  Suitable for any flat, smooth, non-porous surface such as tiles, glass, ceramics, mirrors, granite, laminates, steel, and acrylic materials.
  • Made in P.R.C.
৳150 ৳129
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