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ROTO Silk Satin Soft Mist Lip Glaze - RT 01

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  • This lip gloss is silky and delicate.
  • It is easy to smudge on the lips and also to create different lip makeup.
  • Good adhesion, can be maintained for a long time.
  • Made in P.R.C.

Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, hydrogenated polyisobutylene, polymethylmethacrylate, mineral oil, silica, phytosterol/octyldodecanol lauroyl glutamate, polydimethylsiloxane/ Vinyl polydimethyl is an oxane cross-linked polymer, Polyisobutylene, isononyl isonanate, dimethyl silylated silica, pentaerythritol tetraisostearate, tocopherol acetate, squalane, propyl paraben, CI 77491 CL 77492, CL 77499, G 77891, GL 15 850. C1 19140 C142090 C 45410, CI 77019.

How to use:

  • Use a single swipe to take an appropriate amount of this product, apply evenly from the middle to both sides in the rear area, and then lightly squeeze the two geese.
  • If the lips are relatively dry, you can apply lip balm first and then lipstick will be more moist. 

Note: Please keep it out of reach of infants and young children to avoid accidents. Only for external use. Avoid contact with eyes. If skin discomfort occurs, please stop using it immediately and wash it with clean water.

Storage conditions: Cosmetics are suitable to be stored in a ventilated and cool place, away from direct sunlight.

Applicable people: suitable for a variety of people.

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