The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser 50ml

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  • Say goodbye to grumpy, dull, fatigued looking skin with our Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser.
  • This gel cream moisturiser helps.
  • Boost glow: Skin is clarified, revealing your natural healthy-looking glow.
  • Energise: Fresh, lightweight formula fights signs of fatigue, with an invigorating fragrance.
  • Hydrate: Infuses skin with juicy moisture.
  • Made in UK.

How to use: 

  • Apply a generous amount onto fingertips and massage into skin. Use during the day, after applying serum. Avoid eye area.



By: Tasnim

Submitted: 19 Feb 2021

I just received my The Body Shop Vitamin C moisturiser and scanned the barcode to make sure it’s authenticity but I didn’t show anything. So maybe it’s not the original product.

Replied By MallBD

Hello ma'am ^_^ , Ma'am when you search any bar code ,you will found the product update if any website or brand upload the update of the product . If any brand do not apply the bar code update of the specific product then it will not show any result after scanning the bar code .That's doesn't mean the product is not authentic , it's mean this product details still not updated by any website or page still now . It's happening when a new product lot lounged. There is also a number on the product which is called batch code, combination of number and alphabet .You can search the batch code to know the product manufacture date and shelf life . Another thing ma'am , if you search/scan batch code on google it will not show any information about the product . You have to search with bar code . Please contact with us for clear your confution , We will provide every detail of the product . You can inbox us or contact with us on our hotliner number 01977300901 & 01977300902.

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