Ten suggestions for keeping your makeup looking good all day

Every woman who goes out with pretty makeup knows how it feels to start the day looking glamorous just to have it ruined by lunch. It is awful. The unfortunate issue is that this makeup blunder is fully preventable because our makeup application can either result in the ideal beauty goal or a complete beauty disaster. We know you wouldn't want that, but using the wrong equipment or neglecting to prepare your skin could bite you later in the day. Here we have listed ten recommendations to keep you looking good all day.

1. Never Forget to Prep your Skin First:

No matter what steps you take to make your makeup last longer, if your skin isn't properly prepped, it won't look smooth or last longer. Your skin's surface accumulates bacteria, oil, and dead skin cells, which causes open pores and breakouts that are visible through makeup. To maintain your skin smooth so that your makeup lasts longer, exfoliate it at least twice a week. Additionally, after cleansing and exfoliating, use a toner to restore the pH balance of your skin for a smoother, more radiant appearance.

2. Always Use a primer:

Before applying foundation, use a primer. The vital initial cosmetic step in keeping your makeup in place all day is priming. Apply the primer on your entire face to hide any greasy spots or blemishes. For a decent finish, not much product is required.

3. Use Oil-free Foundation:

People with oily skin suffers to oxidization, smudged up makeup the most. That’s why using an oil free foundation choosing is very important. Oil-based foundations tend to slide out of place after a while easily. In order to maintain your appearance throughout the day if you have dry skin, it is strongly advised that you fully moisturize your face before using an oil-free foundation. Additionally, use a long-lasting foundation.

4. Choose waterproof eyeliner & Mascara:

Choose a waterproof eyeliner for a look that lasts all day. Apply a little powder below if your eyes begin to get wet to prevent a mess from developing. If you have trouble controlling the water in your eyes, you can also decide without using eyeliner. To avoid any smudges later in the day, we advise using a waterproof liner and mascara if you absolutely cannot live without it.

5. Apply blush and bronzer:

When applying bronzers and blushes in powder form, use a light hand. Apply them lightly on the face to hide any signs of fading or smudging in your makeup.

6. Eye Primer:

Eye primers are excellent for keeping your eyeshadow in place all day long; they prevent fading or creasing of eye colors. They produce a surface that allows eyeshadow to display its true shade, mix more easily, and last longer.

7. Cover your makeup with translucent powder:

As soon as you've finished applying all of your complexion products, dust on a translucent setting powder. This sets your makeup for longer wear and mattifies it by absorbing extra oil that has come out from the skin. Purchase a pressed powder so you can carry it around with you and use it to absorb oil all day.

8. Opt for long-lasting lip colors:

Depending on the type of look you want, a variety of long-wear lip colors and lip stains are available on TheMall. You may brighten your days with lip stains and long-wear lipsticks from variety of brands.

9. Don’t touch your face with hand to fix makeup:

Using hand in face transfers dirt’s from hand to face. If you use your hand to fix the makeup usually make up gets worse. Products move out of their places. So Use a slightly damp beauty blender to press things in place or with makeup brush. There are many kind of portable beauty blender, small face brushes are available now a day.

10. Use a setting spray, please.

This is the finished item that will be applied as makeup. It revitalizes and seals in your makeup for an all-day, very natural appearance. The main purpose of this spray is to stop your makeup from smearing or creasing too rapidly. Hold the spray 8 to 10 inches from your face and spritz it 2-4 times.