TheMallBD.com is one of the first E-commerce sites in Bangladesh which offers directly imported products only from UK and USA to your doorsteps. We only offer products that are already in our store, thus enabling us to deliver the goods in shortest possible time. Now you can shop for your favorite brand of cosmetics, baby products, grooming needs, perfumes, dental and medical products from the comfort of your home. For hassle free shopping we have cash on delivery and B-kash option. We understand the busy nature of our modern day customers. Hence it became our mission to start TheMallBD.com, catering specially for their needs. Our customers can search through thousands of famous brand products from our ever growing list in the website, with details about the products, to find the one suiting just their needs. Having technology on our side we have devised our website to be as accessible and easy as it would be fast. The high-end products are neatly categorized for the ease of the customer, also saving their valuable time. Live globally, buy locally. With TheMallBD.com, we look forward to raising an online shopping revolution combining the gratification of the super market with the convenience of Internet. Our well stocked stores cut down the time of delivering the products to your doorstep by half. So the buying experience becomes that much sweeter.


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