Bioderma Sebium Hydra Ultra Moisturising Compensating Care 40ml
৳ 2350

  • Sébium Hydra is specifically formulated to moisturize and help to soothe skin that is dry or very dry.
  • The moisturizing (glycerine) and biomimetic target (ceramides) agents combat desquamation and sensation of tightness.
  • The soothing properties of enoxolone and allantoin soothe and contribute to reduce the appearance of redness.
  • The exclusive Fluidactiv™ patented complex biologically targets sebum quality, keeping pores from becoming clogged and helping to reduce the appearance of irregularities.
  • Made in France.

How To Use:

  • STEP 1Apply to skin cleansed with Sébium Foaming Gel or Sébium H2O.
  • STEP 2Gently massage until fully absorbed.

If skin problems persist, consult a healthcare professional.



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