Dabo 50+ PA+++ White Sun Stick UV Essence Aqua 20g
৳ 1770 ৳ 1599

  • Smooth application: Glides effortlessly along the skin
  • Primer-like effect: Creates an even and sleek skin texture
  • Non-drying formula: Provides moisture while being applied smoothly
  • Oil and stickiness control: Ideal for oily skin, prevents oiliness and stickiness in summer
  • Refreshing finish: Leaves a refreshing, non-greasy feeling on the skin
  • Long-lasting softness: Keeps the skin soft without becoming oily throughout the day
  • Full-body protection: Can be used on both face and body to shield from strong UV rays
  • Natural oils: Contains natural oils for gentle and mild application on the skin
  • Moisturizing and soothing: Provides moisture and soothing benefits to the skin
  • Made in Korea



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