MAM 2 in 1 Double Electric & Manual Breast Pump (3903)
৳ 34580

  • Freedom to pump anytime, anywhere with up to 3 hours of battery power.
  • 9 different suctions strengths for each side on all modes.
  • Maximum comfort thanks to individual settings for each breast.
  • Double, Single, Manual expressing in one.
  • Offers smooth and comfortable expression with a two-phase system including 9 expression and 9 stimulation modes.
  • Made in China.

  • Flexible programming – with 9 different suction strengths for each side & each mode.
  • Convenient, efficient and features a modern touch screen digital display.
  • Electric double, single & manual use for maximum flexibility.
  • Rechargeable battery gives you freedom to express wherever you want.
  • Efficient & comfortable expression.
  • Ergonomic shape & quiet pumping.
  • Soft funnel for maximum comfort
  • Easy handling & cleaning.
  • Free inside: 2x Easy Start™ Anti-Colic bottle with Sealing Disc (2 x 160ml/5.5 oz), 2x Storage Solution.
  • Switches to a manual pump in two easy steps.
  • 95% of mothers like the fact that the 2in1 Double Breast Pump combines a manual and an electric function.
  • 9 out of 10 mothers say that the 2in1 Double Breast Pump is efficient.


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