Elevated Raised Water Food Bowl For Cat & Dog - Paste

  • The cat and dog food water bowl has the function of cat and dog food storage, which can store cat and dog food, canned food, snacks, etc.
  • Cat food water supply has a broad and stable base.
  • Even if it is a naughty pet, it will not turn over the cat's bowl while eating, letting your pet eat and drink unconsciously.
  • This [cervical spine protection] conforms to pet's eating habits, relieves neck pressure, and allows your cat and dog to eat comfortably.
  • The cat bowl rack has raised edges to prevent food and water from falling on the floor and keep the floor clean.
  • Food grade eco-friendly PP resin, durable, easy to disassemble, easy to clean, very suitable for your beloved pet.
  • Made in China. 
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