Funny 2 In 1 Super Bright LED Pet Laser Pointer With Key Ring - Green

  • This is a 2-in1 red laser pointer with super bright led white light with keyring, makes it easy to carry!
  • Funny cat toy !!! Cats love the red laser dot.
  • This a kind of tool that can make your lovely cats excited.
  • It is an amazing tool for cats because you can play with your cats with variations.
  • It even can help you and cats to exercise.
  • The 2-in1 red laser pointer is also great for presentations, camping trips, road side emergencies, and much more!
  • It emits a red laser up to 1 mile, perfect choice for presentations.
  • The laser dot can be seen even in strong light.
  • The powerful bright led light will be useful when you find the keyhole on the door or blackout or camping. it can be a small torch.
  • Made in China.
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