Revuele Vitanorm C+ Energy Face Tonic 200ml

  • This gentle tonic calms & removes remaining impurities from your skin.
  • Contracts your pores, refreshes the skin of your face and renders it matte.
  • After basic cleansing treatment, it perfectly moisturises and nourishes your skin & restores its elastic structure.
  • The hyaluronic acid maintains a normal water balance in the skin cells.
  • Forms a protective film on its surface.
  • Holds and prevents evaporation of the moisture and reduces the depth of wrinkles.
  • The powerful natural antioxidant vitamin C has toning properties that perfectly supports your tissue immunity.
  • Activates the protective function of your skin.
  • This component helps to slow down the aging process.
  • Increases collagen synthesis & enhances antioxidant protection.
  • It inhibits melanin production & prevents the formation of age spots.
  • Evens out your skin tone.
  • Panthenol penetrates into lower skin layers, is absorbed into skin cells.
  • It improves hydration, reduces itching.
  • Made in European Union (EU).
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