Tommee Tippee 40pcs Disposable Pads - Small
৳ 1250

  • Super absorbent disposable breast pads are designed to fit you and provide extra protection against leaks.
  • Giving you reassurance of staying dry and comfortable.
  • Even though you’re a mum, you are also still a woman who wants to look and feel good.
  • That’s why the only brand to offer breast pads based on your bra size, to ensure a great fit.
  • And because they are uniquely shaped to fit, they won’t show through your underwear.
  • Made In China.

  • Unique shape, perfect fit – no more round discs sticking out of your bra making you feel self-conscious. Breast pads are made for you. Custom sizes to fit you and your bra.
  • Performs better than other supplier's breast pads – breast pads provide all- round better combined performance on absorbency, fit, leak prevention and adhesion to your bra than the leading brands.
  • Guaranteed no leaks – choose the size that’s right for you and guarantee you’ll not need to worry about little leaks.
  • Multiple layers – not 1, 2 or 3 but 5 layers of protection, trapping in moisture and keeping you comfortable feed after feed.
  • No show through – because pads are shaped to fit your bra you can wear what you want with confidence. No one will ever know they are in there.
  • Stays put for longer – there’s nothing worse than breast pads that move and mis-shape whilst in your bra, leaving you uncomfortable and unprotected. Breast pads have a super- adhesive tape that keeps everything where it should be. Perfect.


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